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Dry Sorbent Injection

Introduction to DSI

Breen Energy Solutions provides a broad range of technologies and services to the Fossil Fuel Power Generation Industry that help utilities manage their emissions, and the Balance-Of-Plant (BOP) impacts resulting from their emissions control systems.

Over the last six years, Breen has commercialized multiple technologies in the Acid Gas Management field based on deployment of the AbSensor - SO3/ABS measurement system including Targeted Deposition Depth (TDD) for SCR/NH3 control and Dynamic Speed Control (DySC) for enhanced air heater cleaning.

Now Breen has developed a suite of interlocking technologies to assist in plant Fuel Flexibility demonstrations. Baseline conditions for furnace/convective slagging, Air Heater differential pressure and post air heater sulfuric acid levels are characterized using specialized instrumentation. Then, based on consultation with plant staff, custom mitigation processes are mobilized. These include Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems for SO3 mitigation using Lime, Trona and other dry sorbents as well as a wet sorbent injection process employing injection of Magnesium Oxide for slag control and calcium hypochlorite for gas phase ammonia slip control. Use navigation to at right to continue reading>>>